putting together a video montage of photos

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putting together a video montage of photos

Planning my grandparent's fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration was one of the funnest things that I have gotten to do in recent years. During the planning process, I learned more about our family history than I ever have because I had to go through fifty years of photos to put together a photo montage for them. After I found all of the pictures, I had to find someone that could put them together in a video clip for me. I was fortunate to work with a great technician that not only put the pictures all on a video for me, but also added music to it. Go to my site to learn more about putting your photos together in a video.


3 Benefits Of Video Production Services For Family Holiday Video Cards

While family Christmas card traditions have not gone away, digital technology has transformed the way we send cards. Digital video cards give families the opportunity to add movement, voice, and music to their Christmas greetings. Once complete, a family can send holiday video cards directly to other family members or share the cards on social media.

As an alternative to your own video, consider the use of video production services for video cards. The use of a video production company comes with many benefits and can elevate your card. When you use the service ahead of time, you could create a new holiday tradition you return to year after year.

1. Professional Video Lighting

When you record scenes for a video card, you may choose locations like open tree farm fields or a light display at night. The lighting could make a big difference on the quality of the footage. With professional video lighting, you can have clear images and high-quality footage.

A production company can provide extra lights and reflectors to capture certain moments. In harsh light situations, a production company can find the best areas to prevent blown out footage. The video lighting can enhance the look and feel of a video card.

2. Professional Microphones

A video card gives your family the chance to sing and talk in the card. If shot outdoors, you do not want to deal with background noise like wind or traffic. A video production company can provide professional microphones for the occasion. Wireless microphones can capture clear audio without obstructing the production.

Sound mixing can ensure the audio levels remain even and one person is not too much louder than another in the video.

3. Editing & Audio Mixing

Once you capture footage and shots, the editing done by video production services can make all the difference. Editing footage together can blend the best shots and really tell a story about the footage. A video production service can also mix holiday music to tie everything together.

You could choose text to go with the video and a production team could make the text animate directly on the screen. The mix of editing and audio mixing will really elevate the final production and help your video card stand out. You can help determine the basic outline of the video and a production team can make that become a reality.

Contact video production services to learn more about video cards and what specific services you can hire professionals for. 

For more information, contact a local company like The Slingshot Guys.