putting together a video montage of photos

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putting together a video montage of photos

Planning my grandparent's fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration was one of the funnest things that I have gotten to do in recent years. During the planning process, I learned more about our family history than I ever have because I had to go through fifty years of photos to put together a photo montage for them. After I found all of the pictures, I had to find someone that could put them together in a video clip for me. I was fortunate to work with a great technician that not only put the pictures all on a video for me, but also added music to it. Go to my site to learn more about putting your photos together in a video.


Making Memories: How You Can Transform Family Movie Night

When you love to watch movies as a family, it's a great way to spend quality time together. If you are all crowded around a small television and struggling to hear the movie, it may be time to consider different home theater systems. With the right accessories and comfort items, you can create a wonderful home theater for your whole family to enjoy for years to come. Even some small changes can make a big difference. Whether you want to make the transformation with a limitless budget, or you need more creative, budget-friendly ideas, a movie room is a great addition for you and your family.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere

As you work on creating your home theater, think about providing enough comfortable spaces for everyone in the family to sit or lounge. While the kids may love sitting on the floor, you can make this better with over-sized bean bag chairs in bright colors. If your budget allows, providing enough recliners for everyone can be an option. Some people even choose to create a true theater, making levels for seating much like an actual theater's stadium seating.

Invest in a Quality Home-Theater System

What you watch your movies on and how the movies sound can be just as important as the movies you choose to watch. The home theater system is going to be the heart of your movie room, so this is the best place to invest your money. Consider the size of the television in relation to the room. Look for a surround system that offers quality sound for the size of the room you are installing the system in. You will want to make sure that everyone can hear and see, no matter where they are sitting in the theater room.

Add Fun Accessories to the Theater Room

When you want to have some fun with your family by creating a fun movie room, consider a popcorn machine, microwave, and small refrigerator for the room. This way, you'll be able to create snacks for everyone that can be found at the movie theater. Your kids will love watching the popcorn machine make the popcorn and enjoy the overall atmosphere.

When you want to make memories with your children, creating a space that is special to you and your family is important. By transforming your space into a family theater room, you will be able to enjoy the room for years.